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Peacocks - Birds - Varieties

 Peacocks - Birds - Pictures
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Peacock-birds are known in two wild species, the Indian and the Javan. The Java Green is a subspecies of the Green Peafowl. The Indian Blue is the wild coloration while other peacock varieties can be called color and pattern variations, but not separate breeds. In America, the peafowl are referred to as Javas or Java Greens.

Spaldings are hybrids of the Green and Indian Blue peafowl species. Other varieties are Black Shoulder, Carneo, Carneo Spalding, Oaten, Opal, Pied, Red Buff Spalding and many others.

Peacocks - Birds - Behavior

Peafowl are famous not only for their beautiful appearance, but also for their peculiar behavior. For instance, before the rainfall, peacocks utter an unpleasant wailing cry. Peacocks are notorious for being rather quarrelsome. In captivity, they do not get along well with other domestic animals, perhaps, considering themselves unique creatures, which they undoubtedly are.

Peafowl are crepuscular and roost in the trees at night. Males display their colorful feather tails to attract females. However, they can spread their wonderful fan of bright, elongated feathers even if there are no hens present.

Peacocks - Birds - Some Color Description

A male peacock in its full plumage is a great sight and is considered one of the most spectacular birds in the world. Blue peacocks are said to be standard. They are most frequently seen in zoos and parks. Males are dark, while hens are brown with a green neck.

All the plumage of males and females of the white variety is pure white. The black shoulder male looks similar to the blue male. A purple-black shoulder distinguishes him from black and white checks in the blue peacock-bird.

Cameo male is all shades of buff and brown. The neck is chocolate brown. The breast, back and "eyes" of the tail are buff in contrasting shades. Cameo female is buff with dark brown hues around the neck and on the feathers. Peacock-birds are very colorful in all their variations, and to describe the beauty of color combinations is useless; you should see Peacock-birds with your own eyes.

Peacocks - Birds - Breeders Links

 Peacocks - Birds - Pictures
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Guineas and Peafowl - Breeders have primarily India Blue peafowl. They plan to have some young birds this year (2003). NY.

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Pastured Peacocks - By Gloria Scholbe. Four pages with pictures and a story of the peacock development beginning with the egg hatching.

Peafowl Domain - Breeder of peafowl in Mississippi with his story. Pictures.

Pheasant Quail & Duck Breeders Magazine - Find out about raising quail, pheasants, peacocks, ducks, pigeons and other game birds, including egg hatching and incubator operation.

Peacocks - Birds - Educational Links

All About Peafowl - Description, information on breeding and raising peacocks. Pictures.

Birth of a Peachick - Photos and text recount the hatching of a peacock. See what it looked like as it aged.

Books About Peafowl - If you are looking for a good peafowl book, Gamebird and Poultry Book Store will offer you a wide range.

Congo Peafowl Stamps - Some information on peacocks. View stamps with the images of these magnificent birds.

Honolulu Zoo - Physical characteristics, distribution, behavior, reproduction and growth of peafowl.

Peacock - Surfing Bangalore - Pays tribute to the beauty of India's national bird. Discover how they are treated in India and how they fit into the greater ave family.

Peacocks Forever - Website devoted to peacocks, their care, and well-being.
 Peacocks - Birds - Pictures
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FeatherSite © 2000

Peacocks Mating - Jim Metzner gives information on the peafowl's mating season.

Peacock's Train - Read about symmetry and ornamentation in a peacock's train.

Peafowl - Contains breeds and description, information on mating and egg production, incubation and brooding, feeding and rearing.

Peafowl and Other Birds - List of varieties of peafowl available.

Peafowl Population Assessment - Report on peafowl population assessment of the City of Rancho Palos Verdes, historical background and facts.

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Rolling Hills Zoo - Classification, status, native range, behavior and other facts on peacocks.

The Wild Peacock Page - Page dedicated to beautiful peacocks with useful information on these creatures and their feathers.

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