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Peacocks - Birds - Mating

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Peacock-birds are polygamous. One peacock may mate with 4 or 5 peahens. Females do not lay eggs during their first year. They lay a few eggs during their second and third years. Peahens are capable of laying 5-9 eggs each year only by the 4th year. The most appropriate place for nesting is thick shrubbery.

When the mating season comes, each male separates from the group and wonders off with three or four hens. Males spread their beautiful tails to win the hearts of females.

Peacocks - Birds - Care of the Young

The incubation period for peahen eggs is 28-30 days. Peahens may incubate their own eggs or eggs could be gathered daily for artificial incubation. The brooding period is the crucial time in rearing the young. It is advised to keep the young in the coop with their mother for the first week. The coop itself must be located in a warm sheltered and well-lighted place.

The young tend to grow faster and develop better on a balanced ration than on grains alone. The young need vitamins, minerals and amino acids to grow healthy. When grown peacocks and peahens may be fed with whole grains. Chopped vegetables and greens will add necessary variety to the diet of the young peacock-bird.

Peacocks - Birds - Housing

Before building housing for peafowl, consider the seasonal climate in your area and possible weather changes. Peacocks need protection from the cold and windy weather. When selecting building materials, think over the predator problems, size of the future housing and your budget. A barrier is needed to separate the pens. When covering the pens, it is recommended to leave a little slack in the material, as it will provide for some seasonal stretching. All these recommendations sound rather complex, however, everything considered, Peacock-birds will be satisfied with the conditions provided.

Peacocks - Birds - General Information Links

 Peacocks - Birds - Pictures
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 Peacocks - Birds - Pictures
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